Custom Club


Items from the ‘Brave Old World, New Ideas’ collection can be made customized on request. 
This includes items such as the Crochet Hats, Crochet Keyrings, and more. 
For Alfie and Dale we made custom versions of the Crochet Hats - using some of their t-shirts of their own choosing for the yarn. 



For Ade, a one of one Crochet Shearling Biker an amalgamation of a vintage leather biker jacket and vintage shearling jacket. 




After consultation, the customer will provide a selection of used t-shirts from their own collection, to be used for crochet yarn, that they want to see transformed into something new. The number of t-shirts needed will vary depending on the size of the desired item. The item will then be handmade in the Liam Hodges studio. Lead times will begin from 2 weeks upwards.


From This...

To This!

Please enquire via the chatbox on the website or alternatively email