A look into the lock down camera rolls of some of the Liam Hodges team and how they have been working from home. 


"The whole situation is quite up and down, trying to keep busy but once you've done the walk or run and cleaned the flat for the 5th time you sometimes run out of things to do. I've tried to keep a number of projects on the go and stay motivated with jumping between a few things. Making the most of my daily exercise is definitely been key"


Studio Manager 

"Working from home has taken some getting used to, especially since we have such a hands on job. My daily routine at the moment is involving a lot of crochet and pattern cutting which is keeping me busy and entertained. I'm also very excited about the ability to play awful music that  otherwise would not go down well in the studio. I have found that mixing up my daily tasks allows me to work best during self isolation, it keeps things fresh and stops my brain from frying." 


Communications Manager 

 "My week day routine has stayed quite similar but I do miss having the opportunity to work in a different location and being around the team in person to discuss ideas. Sticking to a routine is key for me, but I’ve switched it up by making the most of these longer spring days by going out for my walk in the early evening - which helps me unwind after a day of working from home. One main challenge is finding new ways to create content when we can’t go out and shoot new images in the traditional sense and I've enjoyed many aspects of this. In other news, I’ve got really into making those whipped Dalgona coffees - so at least I have learnt a new skill in that haha."


Production Manager 

"I’ve kept my routine as close to normal as possible so I’ve been waking up early and getting my emails done to keep on top of production and sampling for all clients. Following this I’ve been pretty much on the phone doing the my usual in person meetings through zoom or FaceTime to keep checking in on all client and how they want to proceed during this strange time. 

While people are taking time to reflect and better themselves I offered free constancy for any parties for creating/growing a brand which bought a big influx of work helped me really get to the core problems which many creates are facing in general. This was how I originally got into this field of work so finding time to give back and help creatives get their first steps into the industry has been awesome.

I’ve been able to find time to get out cycling each day and been exploring parts of London I’ve never been too which is keeping me active and focused. I had an isolated Birthday which was definitely a first but made the most of it and still managed to have a few pints in a virtual online pub."