One Year On

One Year On

March 2021.This month marks a year since the UK has been living and working under lockdowns. As a brand we have adapted new ways of working under the ever evolving restrictions. Capsule 001: Thin Ice is the first collection that has been entirely developed and produced during lockdown. 
Here is a look into the team's camera rolls through throughout the past year, developing the Thin Ice collection. 

"Working with pre-existing materials such as vintage clothing - breaking them down and building them back up, you have to be adaptive to work with different materials and different bits and bobs, that mentality goes hand in hand with working under restrictions." - Andy Froud, Studio Manager  

"We intrinsically believe that this is an important way for us to be working, as we are trying to bring value to materials that the current value structure denies. Sitting at home WATCHING THE WORLD BURN accelerated our move to working with vintage materials, which the majority of this collection is made from." - Liam Hodges 

"We are building value into the excess of commodity fetishism through working with these materials. Findings from mud-larking and collages of old magazines, is us looking at ideas and concepts in the way too." - Liam Hodges 

"We looked back at our most successful silhouettes, paired them back and refined them. We took the time to hone and utilise our skills to produce these pieces." - Andy Froud, Studio Manager