Artist and SS20 'Fifth Generation' collaborator, Alfie Kungu has been spending the Lock Down in his home town of Hebden Bridge. Alfie has been painting some new A3 artworks to giveaway with the first five orders from the Liam Hodges x Alfie Kungu range. Here is Part One of a behind the scenes look as he self documents and creates these pieces from home.

One of the 5 pieces by Alfie Kungu up for grabs for the first five orders of the collection. 

"So ten years ago I was looking after my little brother and decided we should paint his room. He wanted me to paint a monster he designed. It was a really great day and we connected a lot from painting it. We were remembering this and decided to paint a new design. This time no monster (sadly) but it was really nice to hang out and reconnect because I’ve missed him growing up since I moved away. It was well fun!"

"Between all this time I’ve been really productive with practice and working with new materials. Doing ink paintings on silk has been my favourite thing right now. Also been doing some mosaics and gardening a fair bit with my mum planting some great flowers and broad beans."      

"Molly my dog is the glue to this family bringing everyone closer together and holding down the fort while I’ve been away. She’s been a blessing to be around while I’ve been up here - being the catalyst for getting outside so much. However as much as we get out and about there’s an equal amount of lounging about and long naps." 


"I can’t tell you how much I love this shirt! I’ve pretty much lived in it since being here. Luckily we’ve been blessed by wonderful weather nearly everyday so it’s been perfect for that. I wore it on a really long walk the other day. Molly, Lucy and myself walked over 15 miles through the Yorkshire moors and woodland. It was so gorge we saw tons of Grouse, a few deer and only one other walker."

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